Los dibujos de Stephen Walter nacen de su fascinación por los mapas, signos públicos y sub-culturales, y tendencias obsesivas. Su trabajo explora ideas sobre belleza y deseo en el espacio público.

Los mapas de Walter, lecturas personales y contemporáneas de un sitio, son una combinación entre técnicas tradicionales, realidad, elementos fantásticos, referencias históricas, banalidades, experiencias personales y conocimiento local. Unen nociones antiguas de romanticismo con fascinación por las complejidades y contradicciones del mundo actual. De esta forma Walter lee contextos, los interpreta y los plasma en sus dibujos. Sus mapas son máquinas contextuales que nacen de lo específico de un sitio y, a la vez, ofrecen nuevas lecturas e interpretaciones del mismo.

“My work began to see its objects slowly taken over by their symbolic representations and the influences of a commercialised world; the idea of landscape and the environment as a shared space could no longer be ignored. In a Post Pop time of mass, industry, culture, and modularisation, my own obsessive tendencies merged with a continuing study into the traditions of Romanticism.”

“I began to invent my own, creating fictitious lands as well real places in my life. The vastness of information on these drawings was to enrich my growing fascination in the intricacies and the contradictions of our world.”

“With this process in mind, I began to edit the information, keeping what I felt were historically important, interesting, relevant and amusing. These fantastical additions and epithets are purposefully innocent and acidic, trivial and serious. The Map is as much about the personality of its viewer than it is about of my own. In other words it acts as a mirror.”



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