The Present Tense of Space (1978)

“Location and point of view are constantly shifting at the apex of time’s flow. Language, memory, reflection and fantasy may or may not accompany the experience. Shift to recall the spatial experience: Objects and static views flash into the mind’s eye. A series of stills replaces the filmic real-time experience. Shift the focus from the exterior environment to that of the self in a spatial situation, and a parallel, qualitative break in experience between the real time ‘I’ and the reconstituting ‘me’ prevails. […]”

“In perceiving an object, one occupies a separate space – one’s own space. In perceiving architectural space, one’s own space is not separate, but coexists with what is perceived. In the first case, one surrounds; in the second, one is surrounded. This has been an enduring polarity between sculptural and architectural experience. […]”

“It should be remembered that work which has a holistic structure originated inside gallery spaces and was later enlarged and transferred in the mid 1960s to exterior sites. […]”


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