Statement (1976)

“[…] The whole question of the gallery space and the exhibition convention is a profound dilemma for me. […] And even though my work has always stressed an involvement with spaces outside the studio-galley context, I have put objects and documentation on display in gallery spaces. All too often there is a price to pay due the exhibition conditions: my kind of work pays more than most just because the installation materials end up making confusing reference to what was not there. But for me, what was outside the display became more and more the essential experience. […] The choice of dealing with either the urban environment in general or building structures specifically alters my whole realm of experience and shifts it away from the grand theme of vast natural emptiness which, for Earth artists, was literally like drawing on a blank canvas. […] I have chosen no isolation from the social conditions, but to deal directly with social conditions, whether by physical implication, as in most of my building works, or through more direct community involvement, which is how I want to see the work develop in the future. I think that differences in context is my primary concern – and a major separation from Earth art: In fact, it is the attention paid to specific, occupied areas of the community. […]”



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