Work on the White Cube (2001)

The Delocation of the White Cube

“In their Dug Down Gallery/Powerless Structures of 1998, the artists (Elmgreen & Dragset) exported the ideal model of a gallery space from the protective zone of the museum into the wilderness of public space, where they lowered it into a pit dug in the lawn outside the building. Whereas the cell of the White Cube transformed everything placed inside it into art, the banished White Cube was compelled to assert itself as an object of art on hostile ground, not as an enclosed cube but as an open container that exposed its insides defencelessly under the open sky.”

“As a logical sequel to this exploration of the White Cube into the everyday context, Elmgreen & Dragset brought an aspect of the everyday into the museum. In Queer Bar/Powerless Structures, the cube-shaped form of a bar in a gay club was transferred into the exhibition space.”


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