Your Making Things Explicit (Reykjavik, 2009)

“First of all, I don’t work in an empty space; I cannot make my art without also taking into consideration what people know about art already. So I stand on the shoulders of art history, and in doing so I’ve focused on trying to dematerialize the traditional objecthood in art, to emphasize that it can be important to blur the boundaries between the traditional art object and space – the architecture in which it is shown – and to raise the importance of the user of art – the spectator in the museum.”


“Normally I don’t think of the works as being about something finite or defined. I think about each as a sentence in a conversation. So I am both interested in the actual sentence and the broader conversation. With this particular work I was interested in trying to show something we normally do not see. Normally inside the glass case there is always the more precious, and this particular experiment was to reverse this: to take the precious from inside and put it outside, and have the glass box contain the spectator. So you are perfectly right when you say that you are becoming a part of piece when you stand in the light or the mist. To some extent, I’ve worked with these kinds of experiment for long time now, but I still feel that I’ve only just started. Because there is as lot I can still improve. I can still make it more precise… this sentence.”

Olafur Eliasson.


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