Torre bicentenario (Ciudad de México, 2007)

“In an architectural age defined by the pursuit of expression at all costs, the Torre Bicentenario is a building whose unique form is responsive rather than frivolous; a building whose form facilitates rather than complicates its use: the stacking of two pyramidal forms produces a building simultaneously familiar and unexpected, historic yet visionary.”

“The void twists at its midpoint, opening at the bottom toward the park and at the top toward the city. Rather than exacerbating the skyscraper’s isolation, it connects the building to its surroundings. The building bulges toward Chapultepec Park and the historic city centre along the axis of the Reforma.”

“The two districts adjacent to the Torre Bicentenario, Las Lomas and Polanco, are separated by two major highways and their interchange. To provide a link between them, a new pedestrian bridge extends from the Torre Bicentenario to the east, crossing over the Periferico highway, establishing a shortcut that reconnects formerly disengaged sections of the park and the city.”


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